Saturday, July 19, 2014

deep sh*t

staff turn-over is a common event in many companies - people move for various reasons & these may be "pull" or "push" factors.

even in hospitals.

but when staff in their peak years move on to greener partures & the heads of department replace them by re-hiring retired staff with a poor previous working record, it doesn't speak well of employment process.

quantity instead of quality?

filling up the numbers?

or fixing sink holes with duct tape?

yup, we are in deep sh*t!!


mun said...

Can't they hire retired staff with a good previous working record instead?

Andrea Boult said...

My past experience with incompetent re-hires hv been mostly infuriating to say the least. Unfortunately shit like these do happened bcoz sometimes these deadwoods are re-hired by beholdened bosses or as a pawn by tactical bosses who see certain ppl as competition :(

me said...

i'm more amazed at how you actually manage to get a picture of people fixing a crack with duct tape! my response to that is...WHA???????!! the incompleteness of the word is because my jaw dropped to the floor.

doc said...


if only it were that easy. it's the remuneration & working conditions that largely determine the type of staff available for hire.

so if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys la!

doc said...


at the institution in question, no politics is involved - it's all about demand & supply & remuneration.

doc said...


*******drum roll******

you've arrived!

my initial reaction to that image was one of ridicule but my colleague said it may have been photoshopped, which is most likely true.

i can't imagine duct tape is ever considered for plastering road cracks. even for JKR.

sorry if you have to go back to surgery to fix your dropped jaw.


mun said...

Then the problem lies with people paying peanuts, not the monkeys.

doc said...


ha ha, well said!!