Sunday, July 27, 2014


apparently, last week i had a patient from 1st century Greece.

Philippi was an ancient Macedonian city (of Alexander the Great fame, remember?) & one where the apostle Paul had helped set up church.
however, i wouldn't have gotten all excited if our education system had taught our "lost generations" proper geography - that the inhabitants of the Philippines are called Filipinos.
i just shook my head & shared a good laugh with some friends.


mun said...

Didn't the patient fill up the form himself ? Just assuming that it is a he.

doc said...


this was a blood transfusion request form - nurses fill in patients' details while doctors sign the form.

Small Kucing said...

LOL.....then you have made the discovery of the century

doc said...


i initially thought i did!

Andrea Boult said...

hahahaha. good one. Luckily person was not Finn. May hv been classified as "Finish"