Sunday, November 25, 2007

open day

dropped by the Kolej Tuanku Jaafar's open day over the weekend just to see for ourselves the hype about this reknown independent co-ed secondary boarding school.

actually, we were not disappointed. hidden in the lush countryside of mantin, negeri sembilan,

we were greeted by prefects assigned to show prospective students & their parents around.

this 1st thing that impressed me was the open spaces & greenery everywhere :

the facilities were certainly top-drawer - science labs, library, computer access & boarding houses, just to name a few.

as teaching aids, they have smart-boards which resembled blown-up interactive computer screens.

they even have an ongoing dam project.

this is the 1st college open day we've been to (actually it's only a half-day) but i have to admit that there weren't that many visitors, probably around 20 families at most. but i shouldn't be surprised - an A-level education here will set you back RM74k, although scholarships are available to deserving students. as a random non-specific measure of the standard of the students, i was told (only) 60% aced the maths paper at the last A-levels.

hmm...maybe the STPM should be given due consideration. after all, i went thru it & i didn't do too badly, either.

on the way back, we stopped by seremban & caught up with sbanboy, who took us out for dinner at jusco.

incidentally, i also bumped into an old classmate who sat at the next table & he also happened to be sbanboy's neighbour. is this a small town or what??


sbanboy said...

Wah when did I kena tangkap with your camera one ?????

doc said...


beware of people carrying smart-phones!!

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Doc,

For the amount of moolah that needs to be shelled out, the facilities better be 'top-drawer'.

doc said...


unfortunately, the final results may not reflect the top-drawer facilities, nor the huge tuition fees.

Anonymous said...

Aren't your kids a bit young for you to be worrying about tertiary education yet?
And I'm quite certain that it won't be RM74k when your daughter is due for A levels.
I have to say though, the campus does look nice.

doc said...


yes, they are too young for me to worry about A-levels or tertiary education. but i need to know the options available.

yes, the campus looks nice & i wouldn't mind studying there myself!!

just me said...

So no food was provided on Open Day?

iml said...

For RM74K the teachers must be top notch too. Did you check them out?

doc said...

just me,

i don't recall seeing even crumbs on the floor, but the chinese language dept did serve freshly brewed tea.

doc said...


according to the prefect showing us around, half the staff are expatriates, including the principal. but there were one or two that i spoke to who came across as quite ordinary.

but i have to say the exam results were not that spectacular.

Jonzz said...

Oooh, you were in Seremban! So close... ROFL!

doc said...

ah ha, jonzz,

looks like the town is getting smaller all the time.

let me know how i can contact you, then the next time, maybe we can get together with sbanboy as well.

Yan said...

KTJ seems to be popular among Sibu well-to-do and learned ones. I have a few friends' children studying there. Their target is entering British universities after the 'A' level. Good comments from them.

doc said...


KTJ is actually modelled on a traditional British boarding school & provides an avenue for entry into British & other overseas universities.