Saturday, August 09, 2008

much ado about nothing

so, 08.08.08 came & went.

the beijing olympics opened with pomp & pagentry.

thousands of couples chosed this unique date to tie matrimonial knots.

at the hospital where i work, at least 4 mothers planned their C-sections to co-incide on this day. (the 5th mum's water bag broke the day before, so she failed to attain auspicious status for her little one)

so, did the earth move for you??

after all these events fade from memory, i wonder .....

....if China will still be remembered for her olympics exploits or human rights violation? many of those love-struck couples remain married?
. many of those special-date babies grow up to be law-abiding, civic-conscious, God-fearing citizens?

as for me:

This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it. psalms 118:24


Anonymous said...

Everyday is a gift from God.. hence, it is up to us to keep each day blessed.. & that includes all Fridays the 13th.

Anonymous said...

Let us rejoice while we can and hope that more good things will come our way.

Anonymous said...

Ah... thank God!

I am not the only one who sees the beauty and GOD in every day and not just days with "auspicious" dates.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all embrace every day like it is thye special day (which it really is).

Yan said...

Amen! No breath is worth breathing without thanks to the One whose very breath it is.

Indeed, we owe it to Him alone!

doc said...


when i was in UK, one of my colleagues who sat & passed the final exam the same time as i, commented that everyday since then has been a bonus.

unless we are in tune with God's plans, we will not experience the daily blessings.

doc said...


Rejoice in the Lord always,
& again i say,"Rejoice!!"

doc said...


everyday is special if we can see God's hands in it.

doc said...



just me said...

Friday , what I didnt do...didnt trim my hair..instead let it grow out longer(for a change)

That was the external look....inwardly, I desire to be transformed all the more and succumb myself to God's Holy Spirit, be sensitive to Him so can be used by Him to bless others...

May I radiate more of Him in my life, regardless of how I look on the outside!

So...nothing earth shattering happened me?

Alex Tang said...

hi doc,

Let us rejoice that we get to experience this once in a lifetime date 08.08.08.

Anonymous said...

Hey doc, it would be interesting to conduct a prospective study on these couples to see if their marital outcome is better ;) (feeling cynical lately)

doc said...

Just me,

sounds like a lot happened inside of you.

may He use you to bless others & may you be a willing servant.


doc said...

hey Alex,

rejoice indeed, but not as the world did.

doc said...


i was being cynical myself when i wondered aloud about the couples & newborns.

a blessed event like a holy matrimony or a newborn coming into the world will always cause much rejoicing in Heaven, irrespective of the dates.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! It's true that we should rejoice but not as the world did...

I must tell U an interesting real story, my ex-classmate turned 26 on 8/8/08, it was her Birthday, & like the world, people think it's a lucky day etc (clearly manifested re: marriages/ scheduled C-Secions ...)
She is quite superstitious herself although she's a young Christian.

And, on that 'lucky' day, she lost her very expensive LV wallet, it cost her thousands of dollars,plus her cards etc were lost. She wasn't robbed though & she doesn't understand how it disappeared, but I presume it's carelessless although she's adamant that God decided to punish her because she wasn't good. A few other petty unlucky things happened to her thereafter on that same day, apparently.
Anyway, she was very angry & said that her level of faith has decreased since then.

I tried to advised her & prayed for her too. I wonder how else could I encourage her?
P/S:Sorry, this is a very long post

doc said...

dear esther,

thks for your comment. everything works for good for those that love Him & you were kind to pray for her. your friend needs to read God's will for her & a good place to start is always psalms 23.