Saturday, August 02, 2008

myth busted

i never knew about the tooth fairy till i was well into my teens, by which time most of my set of milk teeth had fallen off. so its existence, or non-existence, was irrelevant to me.

when my boy's lower tooth (incisor, to be exact) became loose & eventually fell off the other day,

i told him to keep it under his pillow & the tooth fairy will reward him for it. i even spiced it up a little by adding that he should brush it, so that he'll get a bigger reward if the tooth was nice & clean.

but he refused. all he said was that there was no tooth fairy.

i wonder if it's because kids these days are just more discerning, & not so easily deceived. incidentally, he doesn't believe in santa claus either.


Michelle Mak said...

ewww...who la will put tooth under their pillow...
dirtttttyyyy lerrr...... :P

Anonymous said...

I think it is more important that he believes in GOD.

A blessed weekend to you & family. :)

doc said...


that's the way the myth goes. kids in the West are actually encouraged by their parents to practise it.

doc said...


that he does.

blessed weekend to you, too.

iml said...

For the next tooth to emerge straight and in place. Go to the park/garden, Stand straight and proper, hold the fallen milk tooth and toss it over your head. I was brought up with this instruction.

Kyels said...

I guess kids these days are smart! And more than often they say the darnedest things.


doc said...


old wives' tale abound, don't they?

doc said...


true. just last friday after CG, we were having supper when this 3-yr-old boy pointed to the mug & told his granny,"Hair, hair."

poor granny searched all over the mug for hair strands. turned out that he was referring to the cinchau strips in the mug!!

me said...

my kid believes in santa and tooth fairy, even now that he is 10. simply because they always come for him. problem now is when do i stop?!??! :-p :-p