Saturday, August 16, 2008


my daughter was grounded last nite because she overlooked a chore she had been entrusted to complete. the wife disallowed her from watching TV "till tomorrow". somehow the girl didn't look too upset & as she dutifully went to her room.

as a nocturnal ritual, i watched the late nite news before going to bed. just as the news concluded at 12.30am, the girl came out from her room & said she wanted to watch the repeat telecast of the olympics on astro. the exchange was brief :

me : i thought your mother said you can't watch tv?
daughter : yeah, but she said i can't watch till tomorrow & now is tomorrow already.

she got a point. she literally took the wife's words at face value & argued her way out.

i see a cunning trait developing here.........& red lights are flashing.

**image : solar eclipse on 11 July 1991 viewed from Baja, California**


Anonymous said...

She'll make a good lawyer. :p

Bengbeng said...

it is ok. it is a sign of intelligence. the hands on boy is smart. i still dotn really know how to operate the camera with a timer. glad to read everything well n good in yr life n household

Yan said...

Yes, she has a point. I was much alarmed also last night when the 13-year-old said this thoughtfully - He could have received 1M plus 1M from the other party to play the losing game.


Today, I am going to a once-fishing village turned into SCORE. I could still catch the simplicity of the town and people... It's parenting re-think time too!

May I be drawn to nearer to God there!

iml said...

It's the once in 4 years Olympic. She had to obey. And so it's going down to the small print. These days you have to know something on legal, medical and finance to be a mother.

Michelle Mak said...

got the sign that she will be a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

We experience that when we were once at the growing up stage, no?


doc said...


my daughter the lawyer?

sounds nice but i fear she may pick up some "bad habits" along the way.

doc said...


all is well at home because the Lord is merciful to us. i pray for His grace on yours.

doc said...


i often wonder where kids get ideas like that.

what is SCORE?

doc said...


i read somewhere that when a child is born, parents are born, too.

these days have to keep one or more steps ahead of the kids, or else they get out of control.

doc said...


getting into law school is fine. it's the issue of ethics & integrity that i don't have that much faith in.

doc said...


yes, i agree. she's just a chip off the old block.

Yan said...

SCORE or The Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy – is the economic development corridors that will be built on the abundant energy resources of the state. Mukah is one of the towns within the corridor.

doc said...


thks for the info.