Sunday, January 04, 2009

honky tonk haven cafe

y friend Dennis took over a cafe in the Jonkers Street area in Melaka recently, & yesterday he invited some of his friends & CG members to a New Year's dinner.
the wall facing the bar was pasted with record (called LP) covers of the artistes of the 50s &60s...

& there was a little stage presumably for live music..

we dined at the back of the cafe, which has been transformed from a dirty river bank to a alfresco-style water-hole, where the Melaka River Boat Cruise plied.

it was really pleasant.

much of the food was catered since there was going to be a crowd of about 50 - there were varieties of curries, meats & veggies. & he gave a little bonus stage show....

now, we don't have to go to Thailand for this anymore. just a stone's throw away is the famed night market of Jonkers St

which was still in full swing at 10pm. brightly-lit trishaws await customers...
...while a street musician showcased his trade at the

he turned out to be an ex-neighbour when i was staying at the previous
place. you can get almost almost any knick-knacks here.
now i know where i can source a screen protector at street prices. but a sign of the times that modernisation has arrived at this quaint market... cards accepted!

this is definitely worth another visit. if you're ever in Melaka, check out Honky Tonk Haven Cafe - the ambience will be worth it! if not, give me a call & i'll have a word with Dennis!



Kyels said...

I'll try that cafe when I go down to Malacca. Sounds nice!


doc said...


yeah, just imagine - after a nice dinner by the river, you can go shop at Jonkers Walk with your credit card!!

SE7EN said...

Ok i'm so gonna move down to melacca now

doc said...


not only that, cost of living at least 1/3 less that KL & almost no traffic jam.

yeah, ask for a transfer.