Wednesday, August 12, 2009

why most medical reps are women.

the battle lines have been drawn.

company F has been selling its product to the hospital at rm37 each. big mean company B has entered the fray & introduced a similar product, under its own brand name, at a "bargain" of only rm31.50.

both products are just as good.
both companies provide good after sales service.
both companies are prepared to send staff for meetings/conferences to update themselves on new medical practices.

actually, i don't like B because by virtue of its size & extensive range of products, & having dealings with most government hospitals, they tend to be a little arrogant.

but i think they broke the rules for a fair fight by sending their reps dressed like this....

(did the air-con break down, or do i feel a little hot?)



ilene said...

Wow, women power, men weakness! Hip hip hooray!

doc said...


since the events in the garden of Eden, man has always been besotted by a woman's charm.

msforty5 said...

at least you are man enough to admit your weakness LOL..

now I wonder how docs react when seeing attractive "hot" female patient ... errr....

Anonymous said...

Reverse the situation: A woman doc and a male salesman....she would get discount ? or/and more free samples?

A woman has stronger resistance

power... agree?

just me

doc said...


for me, female patients are an absolute "no-go" zone, whether hot or not.


doc said...

Just me,

she would get the same discount & free gifts.

"stronger resistance" is a relative term.

JoMel said...

are you telling me that the reps were wearing their company's uniform that look like that? If it is not a company's uniform, then I'd say the company did not send the reps wearing like that. The rep herself wanted to wear like that, because she thought she'd have a better chance of closing the sales.

doc said...


the reps wear their own clothes & while most dress appropriately, a few choose to buck the trend.

perhaps they feel that they look good that way; after all, if you have it, why not flaunt it?