Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Brother comes a-calling

as i previously mentioned, i don't like dealing with govt depts. so, you can understand my anxiety when i received a letter from Big Brother today.

all kinds of weird thoughts flooded my mind.

did i break any banking laws?

am i unwittingly laundering money?

am i in possession of counterfeit money?

when i changed into AUD earlier this year, was i speculating?

actually, all they wanted was to offer me a pre-approved financial loan. (phew!)

i share STP's sentiment (he commented here) about not being in debt. living within one's means seems like a good principal to adopt, esp. in these trying times.

yeah, i'm a chinaman though & through. i also get a tad jittery when the govt comes a-calling!


Bengbeng said...

i too believe in playing safe

doc said...


or, you could also say, don't play with fire??

suituapui said...

Bank Negara also giving out loans like normal commercial banks kah?....I get jittery everytime I get a letter from the Inland Revenue (LHDN)...scared they will ask me to pay more!!!

doc said...


ha ha, me too!

quite a few years back, i get that feeling when i receive registered post from PDRM. invariably, it's a "saman" for speeding. i'd like to think i have mellowed down (from speeding) since.

Jo said...

LOL! I can imagine how you must have felt. I too get really nervous when receiving letters from govt depts!

doc said...


just out of curiosity, what govt depts write to full-time homemakers like yourself?

Jean said...

safe is the safest!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

Jo said...

Income tax dept! I do have an income ok! I'm a full-time homemaker in disguise. Heh heh!

doc said...

hi SJ!

"safe is the safest"? that's a new one!

invitation accepted.

doc said...


homemaker in disguise = mother of all deception???


Unknown said...

Hi doc,

i am here e-calling too.. calling out a wonderful long weekend, and happy holiday,,, and god bless.

take care now

iml said...

You worry too much.

doc said...

hi Eugene,

you have a nice weekend with the family. i have to work on monday la!


doc said...


that's only true some of the time.

Reanaclaire said...

hi doc, nasib baik u came by my blog.. as i said earlier in my posts, my bloglist has gone missing and i cannot remember who i have left out... added u in already..

i fear receiving from police dept only..the other day i rec was a summon for 200rm, for speeding in penang.. :)

doc said...


er..excuse me, with so many cars in Penang, how to speed???

doc said...


somehow your comment could not be published but i've got it in my mailbox.

that was an underhanded tactic of the Tiger bank to get people into debt. actually, before you frame up the cheque, better deface it a bit, in case someone else takes it & alter it to their advantage.

Reanaclaire said...

doc, i got the summon on the way to bayan lepas.. i didnt know it was a 70km road, i drove at 80km... and when i saw the police, it was too late.. he was just under the bridge.. true enough, the summon came weeks later.. sigh..

doc said...


if you settle early, you can ask for reduction & usually they allow it.