Wednesday, March 03, 2010

the dent - a final straw?

i've been thinking of getting a smaller capacity car for some time. i'm not too enthusiastic about driving long-distance anymore, my reflexes have slowed down & i think my sense of awareness of space & distance has definitely gone downhill. this nasty dent i acquired today while trying to slot into a parking space large enough for a truck proves the point......

the boy witnessed the incident & after examining the damage, pronounced his judgment : papa, you need a new car.

correction, my dear son - papa needs a smaller car!

(perhaps a green car like a hybrid?)


Jo said...

Proton Emas for you, Doc? :D

doc said...


unbelieveable coincidence, isn't it?

unfortunately, the Emas won't be available until the govt makes some changes to favour proton.

the automobile playing field will never be level. meanwhile, i may have to settle for the civic.

Yan said...


It's my turn to say unbelieveable coincidence! I am quite settled with the civic too! I need a car to move around in Kuching!

doc said...


you mean you are currently driving a hybrid, or planning to get one?

Anonymous said...

Only a dent..what is important is the engine? Or am i not that car-savvy to comment like this?

Just me

doc said...

Just me,

the engine's fine but i have a suspicion that a major repair may just crop up soon - you know, gear box or suspension or something like that.

the dent is just a premonition.