Friday, March 26, 2010


when i posted about trying to push off my car that has served faithfully for 120K km, Zewt commented that i've milked the cow dry. actually, as it turned out, that wasn't a one-off event.

my other faithful servant, a pair of nike, has seen better days - the colour looks jaded,

the canvas giving way &

part of the sole has come off.

the reason i kept exercising in them is because they remained comfortable. maybe it's because it's branded that it has lasted this long - over 2 years.

i've definitely squeezed this one as well, but then again, that's one value my parents inculcated in me - waste not, want not.

and currently, i have absolutely no very few wants.

(however, i have difficulty passing on that same value to my kids. i wonder why?)


Anonymous said...

'the waste not, want not' teaching is famous, and your kids will figure it out. it took me staying away from home to understand that lesson, among others :)

frugality's commendable but your nikes look super worn out, doc!


missyc said...

I think most ppl your generation share same habits, I thot my hubby was worse, he has 2-3 pairs aged 'older than yours which he DIY with shoe glue most weekends till a neighbor once commented can cari 'makan' as a cobbler..hehe

New Balance/Adidas/ASICS are comparably better, more affordable & last longer than NIKE, or get BATA (Buy And Throw Away) so it wont hurt when u need new pairs.

Yan said... children do better than me in "waste not want not". I observe that peer pressure also plays a role. My children mixes with children from average income group family.

One thing I have been doing is letting them managing their finance. Start from handphone - tell you they will find the cheapest call rates and would give mum missed calls for mum to call back!

Unknown said...

sometimes it is good to pamper ourselves too, we deserve it sometimes.

hey ,if you are into running, i would recon you Brooks, the shoes are good,,,,

take care now ya

doc said...


yes, i also think the kids will learn to be thrifty after they're out on their own. living in hostel now, my daughter spends like the wallet is sealed, but when she's home, she'll spend (my money, naturally!) like it's growing on trees!!

i bought 2 pairs on a recent vacation (both reeboks at under RM90 a pair) but i just like this worn-out nike - it's in my favourite colour, too,

doc said...


i'm relieved to know i'm not the only one who'll run the shoes to the ground!! & yes, this old pair had also undergone minor "sole therapy" which extended it's lifespan by a few more months.

doc said...


i agree - once they manage their own finances, they'll know where, when & how to stinge.

although parental restriction is important, i feel it's better if they are able to exercise control on their own. after all, we can't watch over them forever!

doc said...


thanks for the tip.

when i exercise, i actually mean brisk walking. running/jogging is just too strenous on my creaking knees.

you take care, too.

suituapui said...

I am just like you - waste not, want not - cars milked until drier than dry...but I don't think you should go on using those worn out shoes. Not enough support and what not - bad for your feet. I don;t have that kind of problem...cos I do not exercise! *blush! blush! LOL!!!

doc said...


i'm using a new pair already. but as a concerned fellow blogger, i'd strongly advise you to at least do some light exercise - even a brisk walk for 30mins will do you a world of good.

Anonymous said...

Time to get a new pair of Nike? ;)

doc said...

Mei Teng,

already got 2 pairs of reeboks during a recent vacation.

LX said...

My Nike running shoes also about time to say goodbye..

doc said...


bid it farewell & say hello to a new pair.