Saturday, March 20, 2010

medical bills too expensive??

amidst spiralling medical bills, one private hospital has purportedly offered its patients more than one way to AVOID paying their medical bills by putting up this patient escape plan.

how about this to promote corporate social responsibility???

(email me if you want to know where you can get this private medical treatment for FREE!)


ilene said...

DOC, please faster tell me! I wanna seek treatment there! Applies to outpatient I assume. You sure I won't be caught?

suituapui said...

LOL!!! That's hilarious!

wenn said...

free by escaping?

reanaclaire said...

hahhaa.. doc, doc... are u for or against the hospital? :)

TZ said...

hehehe... I still prefer to seek treatment from HKL instead of need to use the patient escape plan

@ilene: the outpatient in HKL only cost RM1... i bet you will be able to pay for that. So no need the patient escape plan :p

savante said...

Hey at least there's an escape route! So sweet of them!

savante said...

At least they're considerate enough to hand out escape routes!

Yan said...

Recently I left without paying my eye doc. I realized only the next day. I texted the doc and he said no problem! When I next visited the doc, the reception girl said she realized it but did not "chase" after me because it's normal and she trusted me!

Hey, I do not need an escape plan :)

missyc said...

lol, I think all hospitals have this escape route in case of emergency but most people never bother to look out for it :)

someone I know cooly walkout the front door & never went back to the same hospital again. Not that he doesn't want to pay but the total bill was not itemised, he demanded an explanation, none was offered. Being an accountant, he was a stickler for things to be accounted for. The excessive overdue amount 10k was eventually written off :)

Doc, this escape plan you have a hand in it too ?

doc said...

Dear All,

Thanks for your comments.

I was in the Operating Theatre when I noticed this laminated plan of the building, which should correctly be labelled Fire Escape Plan, & NOT Patient Escape Plan.
So, I took a photo & edited with some arrows to suggest some possible escape routes!

Again it just shows how badly our command of the English language has deteriorated over the years & the hospital can't really fault the patients if they followed the plan literally!!