Monday, March 15, 2010

a true champion?

malaysia currently has only one true champion in sports, & that's nicol david. my criteria for a true champion is one who consistently wins at the highest level, doesn't let the victories (read: cash prizes) get into the head & continues to portray the country in good light, & nicol has admirably fulfilled all 3.

today, we have a new champion - all-england badminton champion lee chong wei. never mind the wrong line call that gave him the winning point in the final, he has played well thoughout to deserve this elusive title. all credit also to his unseeded japanese opponent, k tago, who took the premature defeat graciously.

it is now left to be seen if chong wei, aged 28, will go on to be a true champion that will make the country proud, or will he be confined to the scrap heap, a fate suffered by recent malaysian all-england champions.

in the music industry, they would be call one-hit wonders, or in malaysia, jaguh kampungs.


reanaclaire said...

good morning doc, i watched with tension last night.. yes, it was a bad line call, the camera proved it, blame it on the linesman.. if that shot was not the last point, it could be argued by kenichi, but as the crowd was already cheering and umpire has made his decision, it was just too bad.. wonder how he feels when he watches back the repeat.. if he won that second set, the 3rd set will be crucial for LCW, after all, the Japanese boy has nothing to lose but glory to his name whereas LCW would feel extremely disappointed to lose to a young player.

eugene said...

Couldn't agree more doc, but the saddest thing is we really have the pool of talents but then again, we are not doing enough to explore the hidden talent or may be there are red tapes, yellow tapes or whatever..

anyway, i would still prefer the underdog to win, personally i dont see LCW as a real champ yet............ nicol david i agree.

Come Thomas Cup, will shall know

ilene said...

DOC, I'm hoping for a holiday to be declared, which is our norm right?! :)

iml said...

Has he not consistently played his best though he had lost many times?

doc said...

hi Claire,

i thought this was the best chance for chong wei to win the all-england, but unfortunately, this victory will not be sweet because of the bad line call.

the japanese boy is definitely a star in the making - the lewis hamilton of badminton!

doc said...


choing wei's age is against him maintaining a winning streak. we failed as outstanding sportmen & women as a whole because we are not focussed on the task, & also the prize money often clouds the vision.

doc said...

ha ha Ilene!

yes, that's the norm but the all-england is not the top prize now. maybe an olympics gold.

doc said...


quite consistent but it did not translate into victories, so he can't be hailed as champion yet.

zewt said...

he is arguably the best player around... when lin dan is not playing :P

i think this will be his last year being on top. by next year, others should catch up already.

doc said...


he left it a bit late, didn't he? but let us not take away his dogged determination to win this elusive title.

others? do you see anyone from the malaysian team who has that will to win????

Loshini said...

LCW's preserverance (how do I spell that??) might be an indication for a champ in the making. We can hope at least :)

Nicol David's a true champ. With minimal hype I might add! :D

Maybe Msians do have a chance at international sporting events. Gotta wait and see I guess.

*Fingers crossed*

doc said...


i have no doubt about LCW's perseverance but unfortunately, age is not on his side. he has at most another 2 years at top level competition. either that, or he join a doubles team.

Mei Teng said...

Agree with your thoughts. Still too early to tell.

doc said...

Mei Teng,

we all hope he will win a few more world titles before retiring.