Sunday, March 07, 2010

we care, we serve?

my son's piano teacher was admitted to hospital on thursday after falling unconscious. a CT scan revealed generalised bleeding in the brain, most likely from abnormal blood vessel(s). She underwent emergency surgery to relieve the pressure building up within the skull. As she required further investigation & surgery not readily available at the hospital, she was referred to a prominent private medical centre in PJ today. this evening, her husband called me to bemoan the poor service rendered thus far.

1st, the medication ordered by the surgeon to lower the blood pressure was not served until after 2 hours, & that only when he asked why it wasn't served. apparently, there was a breakdown in communication between the ward and pharmacy.

2nd, the nurses looking after her weren't sure about some of the critical nursing procedures, & that's because she was lodged at the neonatal intensive care unit(!!!) as the adult ICU was fully occupied. last time i checked, neonates are babies up to 1 month old.

3rd, what aggravated the situation was that he was asked to put up a deposit of RM50K(!!!), & this is even before any investigation or surgery had been planned, today being a sunday. but he has no choice because he's in a desparate situation.

i checked up the medical centre's website & apparently, the group's corporate motto is :

we care, we serve.

i hope & pray all goes well because i think he has only scraped the surface.


iml said...

This is so frustrating.

doc said...


i know & this, i fear, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Michelle Mak said...

i kena once before there..twice actually... and will never wanna go bck there anymore.. i still have sunway here./

Palmdoc said...

Your post has been duly noted and forwarded, and facts will be checked.
In the ideal world, communication breakdowns never happen, beds are always available and private hospitals don't take deposits.

doc said...


sometimes we learn the hard way.

doc said...


in an ideal world, nobody falls sick & hospitals (and DOCTORS!!) don't exist.

Palmdoc said...

In our not-so-ideal world, I have yet to come across an ideal hospital.
Neither have I come across ideal patients.

doc said...


as it is, we get by with what we have, do the best we can & life goes on.

Palmdoc said...

Exactly. As for any not-so-ideal incidents, hospitals must look into them and address any shortcomings. Not all are amenable though, e.g. shortage of beds and having to make do with what resources once has.
Ok enough commenting now, and back to not-so-ideal work.

doc said...


thanks for your comments & input concerning this incident.

missyc said...

Private Healthcare is real money spinning business nowadays, falling ill & being hospitalised without insurance coverage is a fear factor (how to lose $$$)

Luckily Malaysians can still opt for cheaper alternative but generally people dont trust govt hospitals for so many reasons but sometimes this is a better option. Been there done that, seen good results, all one need is good network, trust the doctor, have faith & pray to God.

doc said...


if the business is run well, it is lucrative. i have personally known of private hosps going under.

govt hosps would have been great if the attitude of staff & management were more caring & compassionate.

fishtail said...

So angry was I after reading about the 50k deposit requirement that I did a reverse check on the hospital with the motto you gave. I couldn't find it. I mean, I couldn't find it at first because I was looking for a 'hospital.' Then I read your post again, and checked again this time under 'medical centre', and lo and behold! I shall now place a card inside my wallet that reads, "If I am found unconscious, please do NOT take me to the Soo Bung Ja Yah Medical Centre."

doc said...


i believe that medical centre has changed its corporate image & is now not known by the name you mentioned.