Wednesday, June 22, 2011


while waiting for the police report to claim from the other party, i've been driving around with a badly dented back bumper.

what's your opinion of a driver who drives such a car? was he the unfortunate one who was rear-ended though no fault of his? or, was he careless when reversing? were the rear sensors not working or not loud enough?

however, i did notice one thing. at traffic stops, the car behind would stay a little further away from me. wouldn't you if the car in front had a bumper like this......?


SOO [¥] said...

Yes, it's not a pretty sight. I would be thinking: Yo, faster bring the car to the workshop la!

doc said...


since i can still drive it, i will wait for the papers to be in order 1st, or else the workshop can't claim from insurance.

stay-at-home mum said...

If the driver of such a car were to cut into my lane, or drive badly, my first thoughts would be : no wider, that your bumper is thus!! Deserve it!!

iml said...

Whenever I see a dent like this, the thought is always, the driver backed into something. Probably relying too much on the reverse beep that had failed to detect.

doc said...


in my case, please don't judge the book by its cover.


doc said...


i would think that if the reverse sensor is not working, it won't beep when the car is put in reverse gear, in which case must be more careful when reversing.

Yvonne Foong said...

LOL!! I will go, "EeeeeeeEee..."

Yan said...

I have two thoughts - thank God it's not me, and the other - thank God it's not too bad, the driver and passengers should be ok.

I would be thinking otherwise two years ago!

But He changed me by taking away some of my vision of my left eye.

Yes, thank God the driver was protected!

doc said...


that's why we pray for journey mercies & surrender to His care.

Michelle Mak said...

thank god everyone is fine :)

doc said...


yes, praise the Lord!