Saturday, July 14, 2012

bonding with the neighbourhood kids

can i say that most of us don't know a lot of people in our neighbourhood?

if you're like me, we work all week & when the weekend comes, we spend it with the family. maybe visit or go out for a meal with some close friends.

the interaction with the neighbours is mostly a hi & bye type, except for the occasional open house or wake service.

the kids in our taman at least have a common interest. they play football at the field on sundays & some parents have begun to join in as well. not many but it's a start.
hopefully, with time, more will join in & we can have some semblance of the muhibbah spirit of days gone by.


Medie007 said...

wow.. so kampung style...

Small Kucing said...

yup mostly hi bye type over here. Even if am at home still Dare not mix too much. Sometimes just too much gossip

Birthmark said...

Yes. That should be it!

One thing I noticed is kids nowadays, has lost that little thing called, the human touch. All this because of technologies.

They rather swipe an iPad than breathing the air outside. Play football on screen than kicking a real one on grass.

Teach the young ones to go outside. Breathe the dew. Fall and get bruises out there.

That's how we all grew up, aren't we?

Yan said...

I am very blessed to stay in a place where within my neighborhood (in front just across the road), there is a theological school and its boarding house, a children's home, a church and a kindergarten. My children grew up with the children of the home and pastors' children.

My son play basketball with the pastors and their children and church youths, children of the home.

Thanks for sharing this piece that allows me to count my blessings.

Yvonne Foong said...

Is this why children are an essential part of society?

doc said...


wasn't that how it was played in days gone by - playing bare-footed with 2 shoes as goal-posts?

doc said...


that's how much our society has evolved with "modern" times.

there are pros & cons.

doc said...


true - those were the good old days!

kids these days don't know how to play marbles, "chatek" or shoot rubber-bands but we parents are also responsible for not teaching them.

doc said...


not only that - gone are the days when all the families stay with the grandparents & the kids played amongst themselves.

nowadays, because of studies or work, people leave their homes earlier in their lives & seldom return.

doc said...


i consider a civil society incomplete without the presence of children.

kc said...

when i was a kid, it was a petronas ad ok, neighbour indian, back street malay. run around in the mud, achiligan etc. makan thosai house to house during deepavali, lose out kaki achiligan during hol season when khatan was happening, muhibah!

doc said...


so we all agree on one thing - those were the good old days & there may only be one way we can get it back - change the incumbent govt!