Friday, July 20, 2012

glamour teams

that's the name given to nurses & paramedics who are part of subspecialty teams, eg. neurosurgery or cardiac surgery. it's perceived to be glamorous because they are personally handpicked by the respective specialist to assist in complicated surgeries.

they also get special time-off from work & opportunities to attend courses but they have to be present when duty calls, whether on weekends or public holidays.

or, any time. like tomorrow, the 1st day of the fasting month & a public holiday. i can see some of them pulling long faces already.

suddenly, it's not so glamorous, huh?

maybe it's like, following a whim or fancy, you choose a career in medicine. anticipating the glamour that is perceived to go with the profession, suddenly the realisation that the long hours of sleepless nights, demanding patients, mean nurses & overbearing superiors hits you. & just as you think the worse is over, you realise you can't quit to open your own clinic because wherever you had in mind to operate, there are already 10 others before you. & it takes ages to enter the post-grad masters program because, somehow, others are given preference over you.

no, it's not exactly what you REALLY had planned to do for the rest of your life, the honorific "doctor" notwithstanding.

now, was that a dream or nightmare?


Small Kucing said...

uiks....medical also have glamour team ah?

But puasa everywhere also got some who will pull long face

Oldstock said...

Ye lah.. didn't know that nurses also crave for glamour.

If first day of puasa got long face, wait till you see who have to be on duty on raya day... hehe...

fibrate said...

Well, no pain no gain :)

doc said...


esp in critical areas, eg emergency services where most of the employess celebrate Raya.

doc said...


they are already squabbling over who's going to be on-call!

doc said...


yeah, when was there ever a free lunch?

pilocarpine said...

The only free lunches are from mom... =)

doc said...


well said!

fibrate said...

What free lunch from mom? My mom didn't speak to me for a week after I missed out on the top spot in class by 2 marks (I was reading novels the whole exam period). Lunch was conditional, so is love! ;)

doc said...


human love is almost always conditional!!

can i say that what you've learned from that experience is not to treat your kids the same way?

i know i have.