Thursday, July 05, 2012

is it a good time to be a taxi driver?

taxi owners seemed to be getting a lot of goodies this year.

last week, they were promised a set of 4 new tyres a year. yesterday, they were offered rm100 a month for 12 months if they were courteous to their passengers. soon, they may even get socso benefits & group accident insurance coverage.

yeah, it's good to be a taxi owner in election year - only problem is that a permit may costs an arm & a leg.

soon, maybe doctors want to demand for a new pair of Nike Air (for running around the hospital) & extra rm100 a month for being courteous to the patients.

or, teachers may demand a new wardrobe & rm100 a month for being courteous to the students.

but, wait a minute here ....... aren't the taxi drivers, doctors & teachers supposed to be courteous anyway?

another can of worms opens.....


Small Kucing said...

LOL....wrong incentives

fibrate said...

Throw in a RM200 Starbucks and RM200 spa vouchers every month. I WILL be more courteous, definitely. Oh wait, I AM already painfully courteous to my patients :)

doc said...


short-term benefits for long-term problems - satu lagi projek kerajaan BN.

doc said...


it's no small effort, isn't it?