Thursday, July 05, 2012

sushi king, anyone?

i only take japanese food once in a while & go to sushi king maybe just once a year. most times, i get the cheaper version at jusco when they sell the day's portion at 30% off after 8pm.

yesterday, my nurse assistant told me sushi king is offering rm2 a plate for all types of sushi. she loaned me her membership card & this was what happened when you go to sushi king only once a year.
this was possible only because i had missed lunch.


Yvonne Foong said...

Wow, They are still having this RM2.00 offer? I had that for my June 5th birthday. My friends treated me.

reanaclaire said...

No wonder you go once a year! Eat puas puas.. can last you throughout the 365 days.. lol..

doc said...


blessed birthday!

the offer ends today.

doc said...


if you asked me, i think sushi king is quite expensive - cheaper buying at jusco.

it's just me.

fibrate said...

Yeah, I used to do a mean Sushi King eat-all-you-can but am getting too old for this sort of thing. THE queues at some outlets are just ridiculous!