Tuesday, June 23, 2009

farewell lunch

5 nurses recruited from India will be going home next month & it's customary to give them a lunch treat as a gesture of appreciation.

much like foreign maids, they come to fill a huge gap left by our locals who are seeking their fortunes elsewhere. but the similarities with the maids doesn't end there. most that come to malaysia couldn't make the cut in s'pore, hongkong or the middle east, so they generally fall short of the standard that i've come to expect from expatriates.

having worked in a foreign country myself, i can identify with them. they uproot themselves from their loved ones & go through all the hassle/inconveniences of living amidst people of different cultures, ideologies & whims. some adapt so well, they exend their 2-year contracts, while for others, the heat (not the weather) is too unbearable, so they cut short their stay & contract.

anyway, these 5 nurses had stayed on the full 2 years. it seems that having worked in malaysia is somewhat a status symbol in india & that can only enhance their worth to prospective employers & spouses!!
to these 5, we hope you had enjoyed your stay here & that, unlike your indonesian sisters, we didn't treat you too badly. i'm sure you savoured our food but i bet you liked the your salaries even more. (heh heh)

bon voyage, ladies!


stay-at-home mum said...

In Singapore, lots of our nurses are from the Phillipines Our healthcare system would not be as good without them!

ilene said...

My mum's favourite nurse at the hospital which eventually became her second home, was the one from India. That particular 'nightingale' possess passion in carrying out her duties. My hats off to her!

Bengbeng said...

My sister left for England to become a nurse years ago and I am glad to say she has done very well and presently a valuable asset to the community in Auckland. I think Malaysians generally have a good work attitude

Bengbeng said...

By the way, she found Christ and a family in England :) Not too bad for some one who couldnt pass BM and couldnt get anywhere becoz no BM after her Form 5. She is now a successful woman in her own niche.

msforty5 said...

Having been to public, university & private hospitals either visiting or as a patient, I notice nurses local or foreignors have a certain standard of attitude unique to their place of work. Sometimes I hear a lot of remarks & complaints about our locals but at the end of the day, they are also fellow human beings.

Having been at the receiving end of basic nursing care so intimate, I cannot imagine myself doing what they do.

One other reason our own go overseas is because they are highly respected & not 'slaves' to our demanding kiasu ppl, as related by a friend who took up nursing in her 30's in US & now specialise in oncology.

doc said...


some of them are really sweet, aren't they, not to mention their endearing slang?

doc said...


that indeed is a rare nightingale, & which we could do with more.

doc said...


nurses are very much appreciated in the UK, besides having a strong union. happy that your sister has found her little niche over there. yes, there's actually a large community of m'sian nurses there.

doc said...


it takes a lot of conviction & "guts" to enjoy nursing & its job satisfaction. unfortunately, our nurses are not getting a good deal(lowish pay, lack of respect, treated badly, etc) so understandably, they go elsewhere.