Tuesday, September 08, 2009

can't live without music

sounds like a Village People hit song, doesn't it?

actually, my daughter made that statement when her iPod finally gave way. the cable of the headphones have become frayed & the battery hardly lasts a few hours after a full charge.

i gave her this iPod (2G, 2nd gen) after the UPSR & now she says it hard to study without it.

so, last week, we went around the mall looking for one. as it turned out, the most popular model is the one with 8G memory, retailing at rm599, which was sold out at all 3 dealers. i asked her if she'd settle for a 4G (rm499) but she (rightly) said it was not worth it. she then asked if i would consider the 16G (rm799) but i thought it was a tad expensive.

that night, we went online to source for the 8G model, & we were pleasantly surprised that we could order one from the Apple store.

today, it arrived & guess who's happy as a lark?

did i mention that it came with
free engraving .....
& a gift message?

now, she's got no excuse for not doing well in the PMR.


Jo said...

I pray that my son and daughters will grow up to be like Emma! Amen. (And I think they'll pray that I will be like you, gifting them an iPod nano each!)

anastasia said...

oooo... how much did that cost?

and she's a lucky girl... =)
you're a great dad. =)

Reanaclaire said...

hi Doc.. how much is that apple pod? looks cool, aye.. wouldnt mind getting one for my girl too... can tell me further details? thanks..

ilene said...

So cool! You're such an understanding father! errrr....care to sponsor another?!

jemima said...

A very Wise message from Papa.

doc said...

ha ha, Jo!

you just made us "kembang"!

may you teach & instruct your children in the ways of the Lord.


doc said...



thanks, but i'd like to think that i'm a "great dad" because i don't give her everything she asks for - her list is quite exhaustive!!

advised her to seek 1st the kingdom of the Lord & all these things shall be added unto her.

doc said...


this popular 8G model costs rm599. if you can't get it in Ipoh, try Penang or KL, or better still, as i did, via the Apple store online, which offers free delivery by courier, engraving & gift message:


your daughter will surely thank you for it!!
happy shopping!

TZ said...

"How about iPhone for me papa... :p"

nowadays the iPod is nicer than mine... I have an iPod video now they called iPod classic ;-)

doc said...


thanks. that's why i think iPods were invented solely for fathers to pamper their children!!


doc said...


actually a wise message from James.


doc said...


i don't even have an iPhone. even though it would be nice to have one, i think it's over-priced. none of my handphones costs more than 1K.

yes, the new iPods are so slim & the new ones cost less than the older models.

msforty5 said...

children today are gizmo crazy, my time (perhaps yours & yours too) only transistor radio & then walkman.

study shows most kids nowadays are hard of hearing not surprised seeing how they make full use of ipods..iphone...inots ??

doc said...


yes, those days we had transistor radios for so-called music from radio rtm. i never had a walkman nor a mini-compo.

that reminds me, i must warn her about blasting her eardrums!

suituapui said...

Village people? "Can't stop the music"! But people should not stick things into their ears...and if they do, they should not "pump up" the volume. My eardrums are paying for my sins in my younger days - those days of the SONY Walkman... Sigh!!!

doc said...


thanks for the warning. hope you're not too hard of hearing.

but you know la, people, they like to stick things into er..... crevices. in fact, the famous scientist Voltaire once said: the greatest satisfaction humans experience is in the filling & emptying of hollow viscus.

how true is that??!!