Friday, December 30, 2011

bali - the sequel

i didn't read the novel eat, pray, love. neither did i watch the movie, so i was pleasantly surprised to be told that jimbaran bay that we passed by on the way to uluwatu was a location shooting site for the movie.
there was some religious ritual going on that day. the sand is fine, the water looked clear &, coupled with fine weather, it would be picture-perfect for the movie. no wonder the leading lady, played by julia roberts, fell in love here.

uluwatu temple is 1 of 9 directional temples (which are located at various corners of island that serve to protect from the evil spirits)

here, you have to watch out for the monkeys as they are brazen enough to snatch caps, sunglasses & other loose articles from you.
the famous (& touristy) kecak dance is held here daily at dusk, where the setting sun provides stunning backdrop.

the dance is based on the Ramayana which tells the story of Prince Rama who wants to rescue his kidnapped wife Sita from the hands of the evil Rawana, King of Lanka. the Prince asks the General of the Monkey Army, Hanoman, for help.  it is a typical story between good and evil described by performers who wear colourful masks, are beautifully dressed and dance gracefully.

after the show, we were driven to jimbaran beach for a seafood dinner. it's obviously another touristy area as most of the customers looked "foreign."

the food was well-cooked & reasonably priced. we had cuttle-fish...
huge prawns.....
& crabs.........
but before everyone rushes to bali for what appears to be delectable fresh seafood, our guide told us that most of the seafood is imported from java. after we've had dinner only did he reveal that the 2nd bomb attack on the beach in 2005 occured only a short distance from the restaurant where we just had dinner.

an unexpected surprise was having a meal at a restaurant offering crispy chicken.
i have to admit the balinese have perfected "crispy" to an art. the chicken was good down to the bones.

people who enjoy shopping & sight-seeing will like bali. there are sea sports activities that will also appeal to enthusiasts. which doesn't leave much for kids to do. so we tried out whitewater rafting, which the guide reassured us that is safe for kids. rafting is mainly along the anjung river & there are many operators offering it.
safety helmets & life-vests are a must. after a short descent down the hill, it's onward ho!
very mild ride. not much adrenaline rush. very suitable for kids. (& those with weak hearts!!)

finally, the famed temple at tanah lot (literally, island on the sea) which can be accessed when the tide is low. it was built to worship the God of the Sea.
tourists usually congregate here to catch the sunset.

you could have told me this was taken in penang & i would have believed you.

that concludes our brief 5-day vacation to a really beautiful island. people are friendly, cost of living is very affordable & crime rate is very low. i would definitely visit again.

but not before i've read eat, pray, love..


fibrate said...

Truly a paradise on earth. You've done well for Bali tourism! p.s don't bother with Eat, Pray, Love *yawn*

doc said...


ha ha, Bali tourism has done well on its own!

strange you should say that - wasn't it a good romantic yarn?