Thursday, December 29, 2011

blood is thicker than water

my son would have been a marvellous elder brother.

he loves taking care of children younger than him - playing games, sharing toys or just simply being with them. but as it is, he will remain the younger of 2 siblings & that's unlikely to change.

the other day, i asked him that since he likes playing with joseph, a really cute 4-yr-old from church, would he mind if we exchanged his sister for joseph, so that he'll always have someone to play with. he thought for a while, then declined the offer. i asked him why, & he replied as-a-matter-of-factly that she is still his sister.

i was pleased with his decision, although i wouldn't have despaired had he accepted the offer, not that i could make it happen. despite his loneliness while the sister is away at school, i'm glad he realises that blood is still thicker than water.


Yan said...

If this offends - I apologize first!

I am speechless that you (always the wise and intelligent one) asked such a question to the boy (insensible?).

You could have your reason behind asking such question.

But I think if I were the sister, I could have felt offended.

doc said...


i'm not offended. i often ask hypothetical questions like this so that i may know what's going on in their minds, eg. if i struck a lottery jackpot of RM1m, how should i spend it. again hypothetical because we don't bet.

it provides a feedback on our parenting methods, whether we have correctly instill moral & spiritual values into their lives.

the sister was equally well-pleased when i told her of the boy's response.

hope the cat didn't get at your tongue for too long.

Cara said...

Heehee... clever boy!

When I was young, I would tell anyone who showed keen interest in my baby sister if they would like to bring her home with them. *lol*

doc said...


you were being honest & the boy, sincere.

he doesn't know cunning yet (i think!).

Birthmark said...

Well taught boy!

I'm sure he'll take care of his elder sister later. All boys do. Taking care of his female siblings.

Small Kucing said...

good for him to know thta :)

Btw, i found the gps coordinates for the Loh shi fun place from a it is Yoke Heng Restaurant,
33, Jalan SR 8/4,
Taman Putra Indah,
Serdang Raya,
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Tel: 03-8943 8753
GPS : 3.045984,101.70333

doc said...


all signs show that he will. the sister is so blessed!

doc said...

Small Kucing,

thanks so much. i look forward to having a meal there next time.

Medie007 said...

*ahem* can always fertilize another egg? *ahem*


doc said...


shop already closed la! the obstetrician thrown the key away already!

note: no new branches will be set up. ahem!

reanaclaire said...

When my kids were younger, they used to ask me why their sister doesnt look like them, I always answer them with this.. "I picked her up from the garbage can" till today, we always like to joke about that... my girl will pretend to put on her pouted lips and we love seeing her doing that..
by the way, all my 3 kids dont look alike.. perhaps they are from 3 different garbage cans? LOL.. i off the topic, doc?

doc said...


coincidentally, my mother told us the same story about my kid sister when we were young.

as it turned out, she was adopted.

no, it's never off-topic in blogosphere.

Yvonne Foong said...

Well I used to hate it when my parents joke that they picked me up from the garbage can. It hurt my self-esteem and self-worth.

doc said...


would you have felt better had they said you were picked up from a supermarket shelf?

i agree. at best, it's sick humour. it just alienates one from the family but i guess that's how our elders handle the difficult situation when one of the kids do not take after the looks of the parents or siblings.

hopefully, we will choose not to propagate such a demeaning practice.

Small Kucing said...

you are welcomed, doc.

Happy New Year and Keep blogging!


Bengbeng said...

He is a smart boy. I learned it at the age of fifty when my sister flew back to Penang to take care of me while I was in Island Hospital. I was touched by relatives who gathered around and passed the hat around n collected more than enough to pay the air-fare and all expenses including medical. Blood is indeed thicker than water

doc said...

Small Kucing,

Blessed new year to you, Papa Kucing & Small Kucing!

doc said...


like Eugene said, family always comes first.

may you & your family have a healthy & blessed new year!

Birthmark said...

Garbage can is nothing, people! My mother said I was burst from within a rock! Yay... I'm a Monkey God? Thanks?

doc said...


i've not heard this version before!

Birthmark said...

This was just first level.

There're some that mother said, which traumatized me. In a good way, of course.

Hmm... maybe I should write about it.

doc said...


look forward to that post!