Monday, December 12, 2011

monkey see, monkey do

i usually don't imitate people blindly. most of us don't anyway. but yesterday, i bucked the trend.

we were at sunway pyramid & had just parked at the multistorey carpark. as i was trying to remember the section where we had parked, i saw someone else who had also just parked, take a photo of the marked pillar with a phone camera.

i immediately whipped out my phone & snapped at the pillar.

now, why didn't i think of that before?


Small Kucing said...

This way, its much better than they put the small cards by the lift right?

doc said...


true, this way you know exactly the location on that level.

Cara said...


Call me obsessive but I normally take 3 pics: One of the location, one of the parking lot number on the floor and one of the shops facing me as soon as I get off the lift or escalator. This is 'coz for malls with numerous entrance/exits like KLCC, you can still get lost if you leave the shopping mall to the parking lots from a wrong exit.

doc said...


we are all obsessive about not being able to find our cars after shopping because, at one time or other, it actually happened.

what you did is exactly what i do, too, except silly me, i have been committing the landmarks to memory all this time.

Adino said...

If I go somewhere I'm familiar with (like 1 Utama) I don't bother because I generally park in the same area every time.

For unfamiliar places, I'm too shy to take a photo because it seems I'm forgetful hehe.

Instead I pretend I'm typing an SMS and record down the row number, floor number and the name of the shop near the entrance.

The floor number is important because some shopping malls have the same row numbers /zones but in different floors!

Birthmark said...

Since... shy to say that I've "lost" my car before, I do that all the time now.

doc said...


don't be shy & pretend to sms la! even that lady whom i imitated taking that photo is much younger than i am.

doc said...


don't feel shy because we've all been there before.

there was even once i thought my car was stolen!!

Yvonne Foong said...

It's very cute when my guy friends scratch their heads and say out loud that they forgot where they park their cars.

doc said...


well, now they don't have to go thru that ordeal anymore!

anastasia said...

*likes post*

Re Cara's comment: *triple likes comment*


Thanks for the sharing useful info doc, I'm definitely going to do this when I'm in a foreign place from now on.

doc said...


after all the angst you've gone thru, i'm glad you've found something that you actually liked.


i doubt if you'll have this problem in s'pore - can't even find a place to park on weekends!

Michelle Mak said...

i always do dat because i will never know when i will forgot where i parked after long hours of shopping and movie hahahah

Oldstock said...

Doc, we are not always as smart as we like to think we are... hehe...
I learned this method of taking a pic from someone too.

Nowadays, I take pics and keep notes using my mobile phone. There is this nifty app called Evernote which keeps your note in cyber memory somewhere, so even if you lose your phone, the notes can be accessed from another PC.

doc said...


looks like i've not been keeping up with the times!

doc said...


thanks for your comment & for the tip.

Yan said...

I have been doing that for quite a while! It had made my city hopping recently much easier and most of all, less frustrating.

Having hopping from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, KL and Singapore with children!

My children are city children. They love cities. While I love more "original" places like Laos, it's a "no, no" for them.

Happy new year, we are almost there!

doc said...


it's been a long time since you communicated, either by way of blogs or comments!

hope you have been enjoying your travels.

have a blessed new year!

Yan said...

Oops! I "facebook"!

This morning, my pastor wrote this (he also facebooks) -

Face God before you facebook.
Face God as you facebook.
Face God after you facebook.

(I think I live up to that in facebooking)

Probably, because I am now checking news articles, re-angling stories, suggesting headlines... so blogging is too "txing" after all these heavy stuff.

But, I have been a reader to your blog, I don't comment much though! See, I know you have been to Bali, at least.

And somehow, some of my comments on your blog did not appear! For example, I remember very well that I also commented on the master entrepreneur but it did not appear! I don't suspect you "kill" my comments, I blame technology:)

P/S in news room, we "kill" sensitive stories or stories that make no sense)

doc said...


i rarely "kill" comments but i suspect your comment is stranded somewhere in cyberspace.

your pastor has given a timely reminder to those who has placed FB above everything else.