Friday, December 09, 2011

pay rise.

so, the government has given the civil servants another pay rise.

they are all rejoicing now - praising the government for being sensitive to their needs during this difficult time. some even added it'll motivate them to be more productive.

you think?

and don't expect the private corporations or self-employed people not to do anything about it. expect your neighbourhood char kuay teow hawker to start raising his prices or reducing his portions. why should he sit still & watch while the millions on government payroll reap the benefits? then the public transport companies will raise their fares, car repairs will be more expensive, price of supermarket items will trend upwards & your salon will charge more for haircuts/perms/highlights.

it's a vicious cycle we are all caught in.

and yes, don't be surprised if your medical bills start to climb, too.

but then, this could all be just conjecture. after all, i have no training in economics.


Cara said...

Ahhhh.. that explains. Is this why my roti canai looked a wee bit smaller than usual today? *tsk tsk*

Yvonne Foong said...

Can't they increase the pay quietly without making a big deal out of it?

doc said...


that's not wasting much time, because the pay rise starts in Jan 2012.

doc said...


no, they can't do it quietly & it's a big deal because the govt needs the civil servants on their side for GE13.

but their misdeeds will be swept under the carpet.

Small Kucing said...

Next year election mah....

Now if you want anything fixed around your neighbourhood it's the best time to write to them.

Last election, I remember sending feedback to them that the roads around my neighbourhood arein a bad condition. WIthin 1-2 weeks, the roads were repaired

Cara said...

Doc: I was very surprised that supermarkets like Carrefour were packed with shoppers on the very day the pay rise made the headlines in the newspapers.

Coincidence? I think not 'coz it was mid month and mid week.. on normal days, these would have been the best time of the month to stock up the larders.

doc said...

Small Kucing,

that is very true.

isn't it a big disappointment that a people-first government only think of the people when the GE is just around the corner?

prepare for more goodies in the coming months.

doc said...


more likely to be school holiday crowd, or housewives, or even singaporeans. i agree - midweek is the best time for supermart shopping - at least you don't have to go round & round looking for parking.

missyc said...

I can survive without eating out if charkoayteow seller raise his price to RM6 a plate or the mamak makes roticanai smaller, or wear same clothes for another 5yrs etc etc but I CANNOT 'survive' if medical bills go skyhigh :(

Visited a friend yday who had minimal invasive surgery at a medical ctr in ShahAlam, to remove a tiny looking kidney stone the size of a rice grain & she baulked despite insc co footing the bill, when she later found out after the procedure the cost of removing it was RM10k not incl other expenses:p

doc said...


the doctors' fees are regulated by MMA & there is a cap on each & every procedure done. you can request to know if these fees are correctly billed because each procedure is coded with a maximum fee.

not so with the hospital charges - there are just too many items, there's almost no way to determine what costs how much, eg. there one lump sum under pharmacy & another under OT charges.