Monday, December 19, 2011

master entrepreneur

doctors are not generally known to be skillful businessmen because i think, to be successful in business, you need to be book-smart, street-smart & daring.

so, one out of three won't do.

but i feel one of my colleagues made a masterful move when he took in a junior partner to "share out" the work. so now, he comes in only in the morning or afternoon, or sometimes, not at all while the young fellow is doing most of the work.

the best part is my colleague can go on vacation as & when, according to his fancy. imagine sipping pina colada on a sun-drenched stretch of white sand with the palm trees swaying to a beach boys CD - not working but money rolling in all the time.

is that a master entrepreneur or what?

i could learn a couple of tricks from the old man himself.


Cara said...

I agree with the sharing of workload part of the argument but I think that you might find it extremely stressful to be going for holidays and relaxing too much after the first two months or so. *nods knowingly*

ilene ong said...

"Let the money work for you and not you work for the money"!

Small Kucing said...

i know of a doctor who have invested in beauty saloon also

doc said...


i tell you the old man is an old hand at enjoying himself at this stage of his life & career.

no holiday is too long nor too stressful for him!

doc said...


you are obviously a protege of robert kiyosaki.

but in this case, it's let the young ones work for you!

doc said...

S Kuching,

there are many GPs & specialists who have beauty/wellness clinics either within the same premises or just next door.

seriously, you'd think anyone could just inject botox.

missyc said...

but wouldn't it be unfair to the patient who seeks the specialist & paying his/her fees but are seeing the junior instead ?

a long time ago, I underwent a little procedure done by the nurse instead of the gynae, when asked was told she is as good as the doctor ! Should hv reported them to MMC then >:<

doc said...


not really because junior is actually more skillful than the old man, having been trained in comtemporary times.

but having a nurse perform a procedure normally done by a specialist is not acceptable, no matter how good she is.

Alv0808 said...

Leave no worry for this coming season and you know you are better than them... :0

doc said...



i'm actually off to penang during christmas.