Saturday, December 17, 2011

the gift

some years back, i won an 2GB iPod nano in a competition. not being one for mobile music, i passed it on to the girl who was in primary 6. she warmed up to it & eventually, it seemed like the ear plugs were perpetually attached to her ears.
2 years back, the battery started to fail & she implored me to get her battery replaced as she can't study without them. the new battery is about half the cost of a new set, so i got her a new 8GB one instead.  i posted it here.

now, that has given way as well. it seems these china-made screens & batteries don't last long. although i had previously agreed to get her an iPhone after she's completed her O-levels, she now asked if she could get a new 64GB iPod touch instead of the iPhone.

it arrived this week......

....except that i got her a 32GB unit with this message......

was i being mean?

nah....i'm just a loving father with a cynical sense of humour.


wenn said...

u r such a great father..

doc said...


thanks, but i'm not exactly generous to a fault, am i?

Cara said...

Nice. At least she didn't ask for a tattoo, like my niece did. *lol*

doc said...


hopefully these gadgets will keep her mind off tattoos & belly-button rings!

Oldstock said...


I'm sure she's a smart girl and will repay you more than the pound you ask for ;-)

This ipod story of yours reminds me of a similar experience. At the end of last year (or was it early this year?), my youngest son got his PMR results. I promised him I'll buy him a new mobile phone as long as it's below RM1k. He says he doesn't want a new phone but an iPod Touch. I ask, what the hell is that? He says it's something like an MP3 player. So it's not a phone, I ask again. No, he says. So I say, why don't you want a new phone? A good phone can also play MP3 songs.

He gives up. He mumbles, `Susah lah nak bagi abah paham...'

His mom comes to the rescue, `I'll buy it for you if your father doesn't.'

Small Kucing said...

LOL...with humour too

doc said...


your son could be like my daughter - communicates mostly by sms & FB, & only very occasionally by phone. that's why the phone is not important but yes, that mp3 player must be top of the range.

he a mummy's boy, isn't it?

doc said...

S Kucing,

i'm not sure she was humoured by that remark.

Medie007 said...

i don get the gift message... :S

doc said...


this is from the Merchant of Venice. Antonio was unable to repay his debt to the moneylender Shylock, so the latter demands a pound of Antonio's flesh instead as payment.

fibrate said...

That's so very nice :) (the gift, not the message!)

doc said...


yeah, dark humour.

Yan said...

Mine is 10 kg of flesh! Read this too late, or I could have sounded that to Chris (son) when he checked his luggage last night.

We went city hopping. He came in to Kuching with 9 kg luggage, and went back with 19 kg luggage.

What did he buy?
3 t-shirts from HK
1 shirt from KL
1 shirt from Singapore
1 t-shirt from Singapore
2 pants from Singapore

And many many badges and souvenirs from Scouts shop in HK, KL and Singapore! He is a scout, I am a brigader..

doc said...


somewhere along the line, was the chain of command broken?