Wednesday, September 13, 2017

26-year memory lane

I met up with an ex-colleague over the weekend after a lapse of 26 ( yes, TWENTY SIX !!) years. And we both concurred that we didn't change much physically, as we immediately recognised each other.

Initially, we feared we had lost much that we had in common before, besides being in the same discipline, but when we took that walk down that decade-old memory lane, the flood gates just opened.

Having pre-dinner drinks at his clubhouse, he ordered 2 glasses of Guinness draught, only to realise that I don't take stout. So, to accommodate me, he ordered a beer. When I asked him about the other glass of stout, he coolly said he'll polish that off as well.

Spoken like a true ex-pubcrawler. Four of us did one crawl back in 1990 during the World Cup Finals. Besides our interest in watching the game, one other thing we shared after that crawl was the drain we all peed into when we didn't feel bothered to look for a washroom.

And yes, we all became (respected??) medical specialists several years after that.
Woo hoo !!


Reanaclaire said...

I tried to enjoy drinking beer, seeing my friends yamsing so happy one.. but till today, I still "cannot" accept the taste.. hahahaa.. Anyway, Cheers to you, Docs!!

Small Kucing said...

Hi doc.

Thanks for stopping by. Silorry I have not drop by here more often. Have not been blogging much this year.

26 years ...thats a very long time..dont wait for another 26 yrs for next gathering. Lol

doc said...


I didn't like beer before but it is a taste I have acquired since.


doc said...


No worries.

Your little boy is growing up well.