Thursday, September 07, 2017

Old timer

This 60+ gentleman has been with the hospital since it started in 1990. He's an operating theatre assistant, preparing the room & helping the surgeons during surgeries. Very likeable chap & adept at his work.

Also very conscientious. Here he is preparing the OT table well over an hour before surgery is due to commence. I state this in contrast to the lackadaisical work attitude of the younger generation.

Preparing the OT is like a pre-flight check. Would you board a plane scheduled to take-off at 2pm when the crew only starts checking at 2pm? Which means the flight can't possibly take off at 2pm. As if there aren't enough delays already!!

That's why I appreciate this guy very much. In this case, indeed old is gold.


Andrea said...

I totally agree with you on this post. Hard to get people who are passionate and proud of their job these days. Just the other day I had someone whom I have been mentoring over the last two years, tell me that he wants to quit because he needs a work-life balance. Seriously? When I related this story to a friend of mine, she told me that her assistant is quitting, too. The reason? Need to see the world and experience life before settling down. All on daddy's money, no doubt. Hihihi

doc said...

either the parents or the govt, or both, are spoiling them - no perseverance, no dedication, no loyalty.