Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good deed for the, nite.

Do you remember the last time you went beyond, maybe even far, far beyond, the call of duty, or in this case, for the sake of friendship, to do a favour for a friend?

My ex-classmate AT rarely calls me; the last time he did, he wanted to find out about schools in S'pore because my daughter went thru that path. This time, at 2am, he called me to ask for the contact of our other ex-classmate (TI) because the latter's son studied in UK. AT is currently in UK, hence the desperate 2am call, to send his son to the same university.

The tricky part is that I myself don't have TI's contact because we communicated only thru FB or Messenger. The truth is that, not being particularly close to AT, I could have just said I don't have TI's contact & go on to sleep (2am, remember?).

But I know I wouldn't be able to, with an unresolved issue in the backburner. Anyway, the happy ending is that I messaged TI, who should be asleep, to inform him that AT is trying to contact him & added AT's contact.

The next morning, I read TI's message that they have contacted each other. But not a word, least of all, one of thanks, from AT.

**if AT had thanked me profusely, or got me a token something from UK, I suppose I wouldn't consider this a good deed. Get it? Heh, heh**


Andrea said...

Wah! jia lat man! but I know exactly how that feels. I have friends whom I have not spoken since PRIMARY school calling me up to ask if can tumpang at my daughter's place in London. When I say No can do, they take offence and tell other people on FB that I am stingy etc etc. Hihihi. Fortunately out of say, 50 friends, you probably get one rotten one like that.

Reanaclaire said...

Calling at 1am??? or messaged? I would be scared of my wits if I were to receive calls at such an hour.. If message also not too bad, at least one can read at his/her own pace.. but ringing at 1am.. walauu eh... hahahaa... Maybe he thinks you are always on 24 hours call... doc ma! :)

doc said...


I wonder how your long lost friends knew you have a London apartment??

doc said...


called at 2am but I am used to being called at odd hours. At least this has a happy ending.

Andrea said...

It's more like people being presumptuous. They are just hoping that they can bunk in at my daughter's place - regardless of whether owned, shared, rented.. as long as can save on accommodation costs for their holiday. I have two other old classmates whose kids are in UK and they get the same calls for "tumpang" requests like these, too. But unlike me, I suspect they are too nice to say No. LOL

doc said...


I know friends who tumpang their friends' accommodation....and end up arguing over this & that, eg. using too much water, coming back at odd hours.